Grumpy-bumpy Bob's Great Day
Have you ever been grumpy? There is no one grumpier than Grumpy-bumpy Bob! But one day he is in for a joy-filled surprise. Come along and join the fun to see what makes Grumpy-bumpy Bob's day so great.


What others are saying:


Grumpy-bumpy Bob's Great Day is a delightful story that uses imaginative and rhyming words. It's sure to be a hit with your child!

It's  a fun and catchy story with a heart-warming message! 

Tricia Turnbull Educator



Sweet story line about redemption and joy. Colourful photos and catchy rhythmic names. A good way to

introduce the simple message of salvation to any age.


Amazon customer



A happy-clappy book our littles love to read. Such a simple reminder of the heart-changing power of the gospel.


Tammy Wilson


Mom of eleven voracious readers



This book is a very colourful rhyming book. It has wonderful life lessons.


Melinda Facklam Kindle customer






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